11 years ago I started learning html. Now I make websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, a little bit of Ajax and MySQL. Though I've been focusing more on C# and Java lately.

I haven't developed many websites yet, but the few clients I've had were very satisfied. I have made websites for personal use(like blogs or advertising a course you do) and for small businesses.

Since about a year I've been focusing on C# and building applications with it. I feel that when building an application, you have a lot of freedom to make whatever you want. There's a lot of different types of applications and that amount is still growing. I'd like to be responsible for helping it grow.

Very important for a well developed project, is communication. I therefore try to stay in touch with my clients as much as possible and will let them know what I'm doing and how long it may take.

In 2015 I started learning game design. I now know my way around in Unity and am pretty decent at game design. Of course I'm still learning.