BlueTea HoloLens

BlueTea HoloLens

For my final thesis I worked at BlueTea for about 4 months. BlueTea creates simulation games for processes like using a defibrillator or performing maintenance on an industrial pipesystem. They create these simulations using their system Virtual Studio. My task was to add HoloLens support to this system. To do this I had to research what would need to change and what kind of interactions are possible with the HoloLens. I also did a fair bit of research on the technical side of it. The interactions I needed to implement weren't always readily available for the HoloLens.

For a full documentation on what I did for this project, please refer to the portfolio website I made for that project: (written in Dutch).


Colin has substantiated his assignment very well theoretically and consistently put into practice what he researched.
The outcome of this project contributes greatly to the further development of AR applications by BlueTea.
- Manu Hanssen - Lead Developer, BlueTea