TUI Cabin Crew Sim

TUI Cabin Crew Sim

At the TUI Cabin Crew Academy future cabin crew is being trained. The cabin crew students have to go through a big book of information for their final test. Of course it is important for them to know all about the airplanes they'll be working on for many reasons. Arguably the most important one of which being safety. However a small group of students at Fontys thought this could be done better. Therefore I, together with my team, decided to create a virtual simulation of one of the airplanes the students will hopefully end up working in.

One part of the test consists of the students filling in abbreviations of equipment in boxes next to a topdown view of an airplane at the place the equipment is supposed to be located. Though the students learn exactly where all the equipment is located this way, the switch between the topdown view and the actual plane can be quite tough. In an emergency situation this can prove fatal. Therefore we've decided to focus on this part of the test for our prototypes.

Over the course of 2 years we developed several prototypes and we've done a lot of research to design the simulation. Sadly due to school restraints we weren't able to develop it any further, but the process has taught me a lot about game design, working with a big company and working systematically in a group over a longer period of time. As well as a little bit of the inner workings of the TUI cabin crew.

Though this project sadly as of yet hasn't gone beyond the prototype phase, it was an incredible learning experience and has an even more incredible potential.


I had a positive experience with the collaboration with Colin's team. The team was eager to learn and enthousiastic.

We are convinced that this first exploration on this subject has been a valuable exploration that has great potential for the future.
- Reggy Dresia - Head of Cabin Crew Training TUI fly Benelux at TUI