Game Design

TUI Cabin Crew Sim
At the TUI Cabin Crew Acadamy future cabin crew is being trained. The cabin crew students have to go through a big book of information for their final test. Of course it is important for them to know all about the airplanes they'll be working on for many reason arguably the most important one of which being safety. More
After developing BlockSwap for Fantazm I was offered an internship by them. During this internship we'd further develop the BlockSwap prototype. More
Turn based game
As a followup exercise to the temple run clone, I was tasked to make a simple turn based game. Basically two people play against eachother in turns. More
Temple Run Clone
One of my first assignments for Game Design was to make a temple run clone. This exercise was meant to teach us the basics of Unity. The game is therefore not optimized and still a bit laggy at times (especially on older devices).
We were given the task to design a game for kids aged 5-8 that was supposed to teach them some basic math. However, the game had to be 90% and 10% learning. The game had to be for android devices
Software Engineering

A simple utility application I made that does a couple of random things. This project is not really made to be used by anyone aside from the creator. Its was made (and functions are still being added to it occasionally) because there was a need for it.
Web Development

Amphia Protocols
A simple webapplication that allows users to view and edit protocols for hospital operations.
I built this cms for learning purposes. But when I started making websites for other people, it turned out being very useful. It is simple to use, probably because it was just made to learn from it. It has received several updates since I first started developing it. For a full list of functions, please contact me.
Aura Op Den Camp
A personal website for someone who makes paintings and drawings.
Vrije Akademie Deurne
A website a made for a small local company that provides workshops and courses for painting with various materials.
Mijn 3c
A website for courses in things like mindfulness and chakra healing.
A personal blog about everything and nothing.
A website I made for a psychologist with a startup company.